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My best day.

I had so much fun today, and again I owe it all to you.

Today I did what I was wishing to do for the longest time. I got to visit my Bishop friends! I was so happy to see them all. Even after I've been gone for so long, they welcomed me like I was only absent for a day. It was a good feeling that I wont forget, and I'm glad that I went because I needed to know that everything was well with them.

That Joey Davison..hes so funny. He had my old schedual I wrote up in his locker. I remember writing that thing up. And I'm glad it ended up with him, because he was my lion.

And I was sad that I didnt get to see Francesca. She always knew how to make me laugh. And it breaks my heart to hear that shes in surgery. Fran was my scarecrow.

And my munchkins? Oh my dear Munchkins how I've missed you. April, Kristin, and Isobel. You three were my sisters at Bishop, and I'm sorry that I left. But now you three seem closer than before, and it makes me happy.

Elyse was supposed to be my lion, but came in the form of a junior munchkin. I was so happy to see you, and you were the first person I saw that day. I was hoping to see you because we talked recently, and it reminded me of when I threw my life out of the window. I wish you the best of luck with Matt, and even though I dont see you nearly as often as I used to..know that I still think of you as a dear friend of mine.

I cant forget my cholas. cholitas. Favi, Noemi, and Ambar. It was good seeing them again. I've missed them! They were hilarious.

Now I just need to see Becky & Chelsea. We've kept in touch, and I'll see them soon. I'm looking forward to that.

And today I went to the beach too!

It'd been so long since I've been there, and I had fun. Its really pretty, aside from the naked men laying along the mountain-side. I wish we had a camera though! It would have been great taking some pictures. I have this thing for pictures right now.

And Harry Potter? Have my tickets. And my scarf is almost ready.

I love my bishop people. Their a part of my life that I'll never give up, because in the small time I knew them..they really changed my life.
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